LogisticsLab is an academic software designed for decision support in logistics. This software can be described as a problem-orientated decision support system to model and solve problems such as Transportation Problems, Network Flow Problems, Traveling Salesman Problems, Chinese Postman Problems, Vehicle Routing Problems, Warehouse Location Problems and Continuous Location Problems in different variations.

Originally, LogisticsLab was developed under the name EUS-Lehrsoftware by Dieter Feige for business-related lectures especially logistics at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. But the software was revised as well as extended by Mike Steglich from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau.

Logisticslab is licensed under the LogisticsLab Academic License. The use for academic purposes (research and teaching especially for re-producing case studies from academic textbooks) is free but without warranty.

The software can be executed under Microsoft Windows but as minimum requirement Windows 8 must be installed. LogisticsLab contains a couple of programs which support the following logistical decisions:

  • TPP.exe - Transportation Problems
  • NWF.exe - Network Flow Problems
  • TSP.exe - Travelling Salesman Problems
  • CPP.exe - Chinese Postman Problems
  • VRP.exe - Vehicle Routing Problems
  • WLP.exe - Warehouse Location Problems
  • CLP.exe - Continuous Location Problems