New update to LogisticsLab 5.3

LogisticsLab is an academic software for decision support in logistics. This software can be classified as a problem-oriented decision support system that can be used to model and solve transportation prob-lems, network flow problems, traveling salesman problems, Chinese postman problems, vehicle routing planning problems and location problems in different variations.

LogisticsLab was originally developed under the name EUS teaching software by Dieter Feige for the Business Administration and Logistics courses at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and fundamentally revised and expanded by Mike Steglich from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau.


The software can only be run under Microsoft Windows (64 Bit, version ≥ 10, earlier versions may work but have not been tested).

The LogisticsLab package contains a couple of programs which support the following logistical decisions:

  • TPP.exe - Transportation Problems
  • NWF.exe - Network Flow Problems
  • TSP.exe - Travelling Salesman and Chinese Postman Problems
  • VRP.exe - Vehicle Routing Problems
  • WLP.exe - Discrete Location Problems
  • CLP.exe - Continuous Location Problems


Logisticslab is licensed under the LogisticsLab Academic License. The use for academic purposes (research and teaching especially for re-producing case studies from academic textbooks) is free but without warranty.