Download and installation - LogisticsLab

The software is available for Microsoft Windows (min. 8.1). As a first step the software needs to be downloaded as a ZIP file. (02/2021)

Afterwards the ZIP file is to be extracted. A certain installation process is not required as the software can be used right after the extraction but it is useful to change the directory of the programme files to c:\program files\LogisticsLab.

After installing there are different exe files in the programme path which are categorized into the different groups of decision in logistics which are provided by Logisticslab. These are the following:

  • TPP.exe - Transportation Problems
  • NWF.exe - Network Flow Problems
  • TSP.exe - Travelling Salesman Problems
  • CPP.exe - Chinese Postman Problems
  • VRP.exe - Vehicle Routing Problems
  • WLP.exe - Warehouse Location Problems
  • CLP.exe - Continuous Location Problems
Additional Material
Download und Installation - SolverStudio/Cmpl

For readers of the book Logistik-Entscheidungen it is recommended to also install SolverStudio/Cmpl in addition to LogisticsLab.

SolverStudio is an add-in for Microsoft Excel developed by Andrew Mason (University Auckland, New Zealand) which can be used to model, solve and analyse optimization problems using different mathematical modeling languages in a simple way. One of the supported mathematical modeling languages is CMPL (Coliop|Coin Mathematical Programming Language).

As first step to install the software it must downloaded as a ZIP file from On this page there are also detailed information about the installation in English available. A summary of the installation steps are:

  1. Quit Excel
  2. Unzip the zip file in the path of your choice
  3. Execute in the unzipped path SolverStudio\setup.exe